With any start up, having a controlled launch strategy is vital.  For us, this first phase is always about proving that the concept of the business works whilst being brutal on costs.  As such, the best way to launch any such platform is to launch within a niche market, rather than spread ourselves too thinly by going after mass market.

It’s something we would discuss in greater detail when we step into the initial strategizing phase. We also prefer to engage what we call gatekeepers/hubs which we can use to leverage their user base over and above activities such as Pay Per click or sponsored adverts.  That may include certain types of groups or organisations that can help drive users to our platform.

Having said all that, we cannot get away from some online marketing efforts.  It is certainly important is to have a good social media profile with research showing that a high proportion of potential clients/users will check social media profiles before proceeding with any interest.  As such, we would normally recommend we run an online marketing campaign to really drive awareness and targeted users to the platform.

We have therefore allowed for 12 months of digital marketing support from the UK Marketing Team which we can use as needed to help generate awareness and traffic.  This would enable us to run a prelaunch marketing campaign (about 6 weeks before we launch any product) as well as have an intensive launch and then ongoing campaign during the first year.  Essentially its effort in the bank that we can use in any way we feel is needed at the time.